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Gold Standard Service

Spring 2020

Coronavirus Updated 1st June 2020

It seems that although our clients were happy with our isolation and disinfection policy the Scottish Government say we should stay at home..

We intend to operate a limited service again from hopefully 15th June 2020 – using the telephone/email to book but only a few days in front.

Covid 19 policy

We will be asking for all clients to let us know if the have any Covid19 related issues in their household and we will allow last minute cancellations.

We will do the same, self isolating at the first sign of any symptoms.

We require the doors to be opened for us and the piano cleared of all articles, all we will touch is the piano.

Our procedure is at every call is;

On arrival we will phone/text to say we are outside, if you wish to talk to the Tuner then please step outside so the social distancing can be observed 

We will require minimum Contact -the tuner must be the only person in the room whilst Working.

1.disinfect keys

2.Wash hands using our own paper towels and soap and hand sanitiser.

We will use a 99% Alcohol based product to clean our gloves.

This is repeated on finishing.

Call us on: 0131 344 0208

Mobile: 07880 502643