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Malcolm Smith Pianos Risk assessment for a Safe Working

And the Conditions for accepting an appointment:  

  1. We will ask you to tell us if you have any Covid19 related issues in your household are self-Isolating or are in quarantine (We will allow last minute cancellations). 
  • We must and will do the same at the first sign of any symptoms, and then self-isolate. 
  • We will not pressurise clients for any reason, as they may be in self isolation or shielding.   
  • Hand washing is essential part of hygiene, and we recommend the wearing of a mask if you, the customer wishes to wear these or not we will not be offended. 
  • Payment can be made either by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Cash is acceptable. We can still take cheques however we prefer you use the above means of payment.
  • Instrument requires to be totally free of all items (photographs Etc) This means we will only touch the piano and nothing else.
  • Please leave the doors to the room with the piano open we may shut this once in the room which will allow us to relax our masks wearing to face shield

At every appointment our procedure must be: 

1.If the client wants to talk to the technician, then this has to be sociably distanced and you also need to wear a face covering.   We will require minimum contact with the client. 

2 Wash hands, using own soap and Paper towels e.g. Kitchen Roll and soap (Apparently Soap and water is best) This might not always be possible; hand sanitiser is a viable alternative. 

  • We will wear a face covering/mask
  • Where required we will wear disposable gloves, we also believe it is also good practice to use sanitiser on these. 
  • The technician must be the only person in the room whilst working. 
  • Disinfecting the keys is not required
  • EXTREME CAUTION: beware here alcohol will discolour, and even crack the keytops, and possibly on older pianos melt the polish of the ebony. Never spray onto any instrument as you would with any cleaning products, spray only on the cloth. It is possible to purchase key cleaning wipes from us these are alcohol and chlorine free cost £6.50 per pack of 100
  • Once the tuning is complete, we will clean hands/gloves again using sanitiser 
  • Receive payment see no 5,  the card machine is sanitised prior to handing to the client. 
  1. Dispose of gloves and towels safely and re-sanitise hands.