Piano Repairs

Piano Sales

We are well positioned to offer advice on purchasing a piano.

We are able to source pianos from our extensive network of contacts and clients

We do our own refurbishing and recycling of quality pianos.

We have an apprentice series in which our Apprentice Nathan works on all aspects of rebuilding and repair under supervision and when completed we sell these instruments on a cost basis these pianos are inexpensive and have been extensively worked on.

Replacement of The Hammers, Felt and leather is possible including full action replacement. A fully equipped workshop for major work although most minor repairs can be carried out on site on the first visit. Repolishing – either traditional or modern spray.

We have a fully equipped workshop in which we can do major repairs, including restringing, mechanical work, hammer , leather, spring and felt renewal to the replacement of complete Actions.

Minor repairs can often be done on a regular tuning visit

We use only the very best materials.

We also have a mobile workshop which is full stocked and we can usually repair/replace broken worn parts on site on a single visit.

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